ACPN 2023
Advanced Course on Petri Nets

The Sixth Advanced Course on Petri Nets will be hosted on September 3-8, 2023, at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland.

Petri nets are the first formal model for distributed systems, and they are still up-to-date and unrivalled. After more than half a century of development, the field has been deepened theoretically and Petri nets are used to model and analyse all kind of real-life distributed systems with the support of a plethora of algorithmic techniques and tools.

The Petri net approach is based on locality of states and local effects of actions. It underlies many other methodologies and graphical modeling techniques, which therefore have inherited core concepts, design approaches and anlysis results from the area of Petri nets.

Examples of Petri net applications include distributed algorithms, embedded systems, communication protocols, hardware systems, as well as models of Internet services and business processes, many of them far younger than Petri nets themselves.

Next to the annual conference on Application and Theory of Petri Nets taking place since 1980, the Petri Net community organises every 7-10 years an Advanced Course on Petri Nets, which comprises the respective current state of the art in Petri Net Theory and in Applications of Petri Nets. Typical attendees are PhD students and post-docs from all over the world who work with Petri Nets, but also more senior scientists who want to broaden their expertise. In particular, students of an Advanced Course on Petri Nets learn about Petri Nets as a foundation for various application oriented process related domains.

So far there have been five Advanced Courses: in Hamburg in 1978, in Bad Honnef in 1986, in Dagstuhl in 1996, in Eichstättt in 2003, and in Rostock in 2010. The 6th Advanced Course on Petri Nets will take place in Toruń, Poland, from September 3 until September 8, 2023. Hence, for the first time, the Advanced Course takes place outside Germany.

The program of the 6th Advanced Course is application oriented i.e. directed towards aspects of Petri Net applications, case studies and tools introduced after lectures on fundamental issues and presentations on important new advanced topics and results.

Each participant will receive a certificate confirming the participation in the Advanced Course containing the number of school hours, which may be used to obtain the appropriate number of ECTS credits at the home university.